TruePro Services

TruePro delivers qualified jobs from ready-to-buy homeowners to top-rated local professionals. Our proprietary system keeps the job moving forward from initial contact to project completion.

We've Got Your Back

TruePro guides you from initial contact through project delivery.

How It Works

No matter what stage of the job you're in, TruePro can help you more effectively manage your communication and payments. We offer a multi-platform tool to guide homeowners and pros alike through the contract.

What They Say

"TruePro has given my company a better understanding of what good job management looks like. We have a higher close rate with TruePro jobs than any other system!" Chris Lee
TruePro Elite Pro
"Getting a contractor to call you back is incredibly difficult these days. I tried TruePro and got a response in minutes!" Rebecca James
"TruePro has really dialed this system in. I use it now to run all my projects since the payment processing rates are so low." Bob Kensington
TruePro Certified Pro
"Receiving text message updates reassured me the job was getting done - TruePro is a great resource when you need work done on your vacation home!" Gary Billings

About Us

Contractors are hard to find in this economy. The national shortage of skilled tradesmen only seems to be getting worse. TruePro aims to narrow the skill gap by providing high-quality jobs so Pros can stop chasing down leads that never come to fruition. Likewise, homeowners benefit by receiving a responsive, ready-to-work professional.

Why Choose Us?

You can expect the following from every TruePro:

  • to have liability insurance
  • to have a business license if required
  • to respond within 24 hours
  • the work is guaranteed

You can expect to gain the following by using TruePro:

  • Highly qualified jobs
  • Streamlined tools to help you manage those jobs, contracts, and payments
  • Great payment processing rates
  • A dedicated, local support agent promoting you and your business